October 6, 2011

you’re stuck with me!

So normally I try to back off of kid post sometimes on this BLOG ABOUT FRAMES, but thanks to Arre’s series on featuring followers it looks like y’all actually LIKE the kid posts :)   And that’s a good thing because you really are stuck with me, for a couple of weeks at least!

Arre went with her sister on an amazing trip to Spain – jealous?!  me too!!!  But I am so excited and happy for them and can not WAIT to hear all about it – we are expecting a full on recap when you get back Arre!  Until then – I will fill you in on our life lately.

Fall is my absolutely favorite season!  I think my favorite thing to do is eat outside but if you live in South Georgia with us you know that can only happen (comfortably) 2-3 months out of the year (how sad is that?!)  So when it happens I embrace it! 

impromptu outdoor dinner:

009  011

sweet molly loves dance


Last weekend we headed to the beach for a wedding that the girls were also invited to…they had a blast – who knew a wedding could be so much fun for kids?!  Saturday morning I had the rare chance to have just Molly & Mills on the beach by myself (MJ is not a beach lover and chose to head off with her dad)


the weather was beautiful (do you know that October is the BEST month to be at the beach?!) and I think I spent at least 40% of the time laughing at Mills chasing birds


she would chase them and as soon as they flinched she’d jump like they were attacking and head the other way.  She tries to be brave but is a chicken at heart.



can you believe this clear water?


Sadly, this is the only picture i got of all the girls dressed for the wedding


They danced their little hearts out at the reception,  Mills met a boyfriend or two (i am scared of her as a teenager) I know they will remember that night for a long time!

When we returned, the girls had fall break so we had some friends over to my parents house for pizza and a little painting (they have a fun tree house and lots of room to run)




And that’s it!  That’s our start to fall. 

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