October 25, 2011

Being Followed By

yep, her again! ;)

Natalie - the cutie who went home from our Atlanta show with the coveted yellow frames! - is a sweet friend of my brother's who I've know for... ages! She is the mother of one precious babe with another on the way and documents her darling life on her very own blog, which you'll learn more about down the page.


Through Facebook via Arre's page! 

Favorite s&j Reads:

I love seeing party ideas and what the girls are working on for new collections. I especially love when Kristen's girls are included:)

Give Me More!

I'd like to see more of the frames- always! I love them. 

Daily Blog Lovin'

I read Recycled Interiors (http://www.recycledinteriors.blogspot.com/) because she has amazing design ideas and she is so resourceful. I also read 
 Tommey Girl (www,tommeygirl.blogspot.com) and The Adventures of Ordy & Joon (ordyandjoon.blogspot.com) for the same reason! I am lucky that they are all my friends in real life, too!

Why {do you read} Blog{s}?
I started reading blogs to keep connected with friends and family. Now blogs fill my scattered brain with ideas of DIY home design, sewing projects and substitutes for expensive store-bought products. Not to mention too-easy recipes and party ideas. 

and about your blog...

What is your blog about?

My blog is mostly about my sweet little girl and the baby on the way. I like to sprinkle in some true-life "what was she thinking" moments along with the occasional boast on my husband. I try to keep it real even though I embarrass myself often.

Where is your blog?


How old is your blog?

A little over a year and a half.

Why {do you} blog?

 I blog to record memories that I will surely forget, to let family & friends who are far away still be connected to our little family and to brag on my little girl. (Hey, she's awesome). I also like sharing my failures as a chef, homemaker and woman in general to make other people laugh and feel better about themselves.

Thanks for sharing this sweet peek into your life, Natalie. And, as always, thank you so much for your support of stewart & james! xx

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