October 24, 2011

namaste and a rainbow

For months years now I have been trying to come up with an exercise routine that works for me and my hectic schedule.  I have tried every angle, I COULD possibly get up at 5 a.m. but then i am BEAT by 6 pm just when things get crazy around the house and I need the energy to get through baths/dinner/homework.  I COULD also wait until Jim gets home but by then all I want to do is crash (I am a morning person).  I COULD possibly try mid-morning while kids are at school but then that takes away from the few hours i can dedicate to stewart & james and my second part time job (working at our church editing videos and handling online media) – and i treasure the time I have with each of these.    So that leaves me to force the kids to join in in the afternoons …


We started an exercise class that is part yoga part dance aerobics.  We  call it danceslashexercise (there were no open time slots for creativity obviously).  MJ insists Beyonce starts us off every day. 

Molly was sick last week when I took pictures so she wasn’t really game, but MJ and Mills embraced the idea.


here’s to hoping it sticks!  there is no set time it just happens when it happens so if you want to join us just stop by and we’ll dance until our heart rate is at an acceptable level to quit.

We also witnessed a beautiful rainbow the same day the above photos were taken


Right at dinner time, my mother-in-law called and told us to look out the front door and this is what greeted us! 


Of course, pictures can’t do it justice, just take my word for it (unless you also witnessed it!), it was beautiful.

Molly couldn’t get over it and insisted that we eat our supper on the porch.


so we did.

have a lovely week!

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