October 10, 2011

Being Followed By...

I met Jamie about a year ago when she moved into a house our (my & Arre's) husbands were renting out.  Jim called and asked if I would mind taking some dinner to a new family that just moved in and was really nice :)  He said he really thought I would like the wife (if you know jim, you know that's what he said).  And he was right!  I delivered some soup & homemade tortilla chips to a sweet family of four.  Jamie & Mike have two kids, Brody (2) that mills loves & Vicki (14) who the girls adore and is a good sitter by the way for those of you looking ;).  We have had a great time getting to know them over the past year. They (refreshingly) LOVE Albany and Albany loves them!  Here's Jamie!

how did you discover s&j?
Through purchasing a house that the Fuller Brothers owned

what is your favorite thing to read on s&j?
I love to read about travels taken, childrens milestones and yummy recipes. The inventory updates are nice too :)
what would you like to see more of on s&j?
 I really enjoy the recipe portion and spotlights on local eateries (is that a word?)

why do you read blogs?
To be nosey....nah, just kidding. Usually to keep up with my friends chaotic life as well as coming up with new ideas for parties, decorating, products, etc.

and about your blog...
what is your blog about?
 All about me and my chaotic life as a Momma and Wife. I blog about everything; recipes, depression, motherhood, rants and raves, travel.

what is your blog url?

how long have you blogged?
January of 2011
why do you blog?
Stress reliever as well as a way my family and friends can keep up with our life in Albany since we are 8 hours away from home!!!!!

Thanks Jamie, see you soon! :)

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  1. oops! this said it was posted by arre but it was actually Kristen!


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