July 30, 2010

how cute is….

my mom!?















You may recognize us in the pictures :)  Thanks mama!

July 26, 2010

The Flint Riverquarium

it is hot.  and I really don’t do well with hot – After trapping us in the AC for one full day I knew this wasn’t going to fly for the next couple of weeks we have until school starts.  So the next morning we got up bright and early and made our way to the Flint Riverquarium.  I can not believe we have not been all summer...if you haven’t been, you are missing out!

It’s definitely worth the trip to our small city of Albany, Georgia. 


A few facts about our little jewel  (taken from their website):

  • the Flint RiverQuarium tells the story of the Flint River and the blue hole springs that helped create it.
  • there are interactive exhibits featuring more than 100 species of native aquatic life
  • A recent aviary addition also gives visitors a close-up look at a wide variety of birds (that will land on your head..watch out!) found in the surrounding wetland habitat.
  • They even  have a theater (that we have yet to grace our 5, 3, & 1 year old presence with mostly because of the 1 year old but hear it’s amazing) The Flint RiverQuarium’s Imagination Theater presents films on a screen three stories tall.

a few notes that they don’t tell you on the site…

  • the aquarium in the gift shop holds all of the Nemo characters
  • there are lots of ramps that my kids would run up and down for hours if i let them.
  • sometimes if you are there at the right time… the water makes a rainbow through the glass (see photo below)
  • there is a really cool tunnel for the kids to crawl in (on their hands and knees) but if you are over 10, beware – you’ll feel it the next day
  • it is also a really fun venue for a wedding reception (a good friend had a rehearsal dinner there and it was amazing!)
  • and there is an albino alligator!





the photo below is of MJ probably 3 1/2(?) years ago… she went at least once a week at this age and still loves it!

 mj 18 mo

 rainbow flint river molly

July 23, 2010

how cute is…


Becca is a friend from college who has one precious little boy (in the pictures above) and another one on the way!  I got to catch up with her back in April when she made her way down south a bit for our fun lake weekend and has been a great supporter of our S&J frames :)  Thanks Becca!

July 22, 2010

sale ----->

sale frames 026
Due to popular demand: we now have a sale page!  The sale page includes frames that didn’t quite turn out how we expected but are still brimming with character.  Please take a look to the right to find the link ------>
This page will always be updated with our latest sale items that are anywhere from 30-50% off.
Also: take note of the current inventory link (found above the sale link).  Frames are dwindling fast, but we will update as we have more in stock.
Thank you to our loyal customers who continue to fill s&j frames with memories of babies, weddings, family, and everything that makes life worth living :) 

July 20, 2010

what's for dinner

oh my! i just saw this and now i have to have pesto pasta for dinner.

i hope Kristen still has some - head's up, friend: I'm coming by after work!

via {this is glamorous}

July 19, 2010

Pieces {Inc.}!

In case I wasn't sad enough about having to miss this

these {fabulous} photos are making me even bluer. It appears to have been an absolute ball!

Oh, how I hope Lee will do it again *fingers crossed*

and I can't believe I missed the chance to this in real life (I've been swooning over lucite {more. than. ever.} lately)

Lee is on fire this summer (you've seen this already, right?)

and have they always had a blog?!


I know we're a few weeks month behind but since Summer started, we've. not. stopped.

We have both been crazy busy... just not really with things pertaining to stewart & james...

(though we did knock quite a few things out last week (and the few before)

Kristen's girls have been out of school and they've been covering some serious ground. When they're not on the road, they are crafting and cooking their days away. (Have you seen the pictures of Mary James' party. In case you've missed parts 1, 2 & 3)

As for me, our disaster zone house is well underway and requires more attention that I ever dreamed. It is as thrilling and lovely as it is difficult and exhausting. It has quite literally taken over my life. Throw a 40-minute commute in there and my head is spinning. oh yeh, and a little travel ...

To that notion, frames are getting very little attention.

So, for the remainder of the summer, stewart & james will be on vacation. Officially. We will gladly ship any part of our current inventory to you and are filling current orders but we will not be starting a new production or taking new orders until October.

When we return in the fall, we will be (hopefully) refreshed and (certianly) transformed. There are some serious changes underway for this little business and we are excited to share them with you. In the meantime, keep visiting us here - we'll be blogging. Just (probably) not about frames.

Happy Summer!

kristen and arre

image via the sart

July 18, 2010

oh how i love this room.

I have a bad habit of starting posts and never publishing them. I just found this one from November of last year and now having no idea what I was originally waiting on to "finish" it, I'm sening it out ;) especially because i still feel the same way(s) and am constantly looking for inspiration for the new house (geeeez, tired of hearing about that yet?!)

let me count the ways:
- Rubie Green pink East Village draperies. are you kidding me?!

- the nail heads on that fabulous old chair

- the gallery style grouping of artwork in the hall (isn't that probably a hall?)
- the chain motif on the console(s)

- the pair of said consoles

- the sketches propped on (one of) the console(s)

- the enormous silver ornaments lazily strewn about

- (even) that sweet little pup. chillin'

- the "tree" in a vase (reminds me of our's)

- the soft gray walls

- the same soft gray trim

image from Traditional Home found on M.A. Belle

post by arre

how much is too much


i think this is the image that started it all (rip, domino). thanks to erin (of course!) for having it.

I've wanted one of these for um... ever and have had a crush on these for quite some time as well. Then I saw these and think they are pretty swell too. (Oh yeh and these at Angie Hranowsky's - she is so fabulous. all the time.)

As I am getting close(r) to being ready to actually buy things to go in the new house, I'm at a loss. . .

How much is too much lucite?!

photo credit: paloma, angie hranowsky, erin

and just a note about blogging in general - bravo to you who scour the internet for countless, wonderful images with which you illustrate your posts. i don't know if i'm stupid or lazy but i just. can't. do it :'(


July 16, 2010

how cute is….

Ok so I know we’ve done a “how cute is…” post already for mills but this one is a bit different…

  1. she was a teeny tiny baby (and there’s not much teeny tiny about her anymore!)

  2. her room wasn’t really finished.  I have since taken out a twin bed to put in molly’s room (when she grew out of her crib and moved to a big girl room)

  3. moved her crib to the other side of the room

  4. changed out frames

  5. And lastly – what makes this “how cute is…” post different:  these are for sale!
frames 7 2010 020 (2)
 frames 7 2010 021 (2)
 frames 7 2010 023 (2)
 frames 7 2010 024 (2)
 frames 7 2010 025 (2)
see something you like?  email us stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com

July 15, 2010

we’ve been busy…

{arre} arranging frames
frames 7 2010 002
 that's arre's (blurry arm) ... moving fast

frames 7 2010 003

{for Kristen} to photograph

gathering {more} wood

painting and packing frames for orders (oh, how s & j *hearts* babies and brides)

in Kristen's dining room our office

and attempting teleconferenced meetings in yet another makeshift office ;) thanks Joni for your patience!

We hope you're enjoying your summer!

July 14, 2010

a rainbow swim party – Mary James {5th birthday}

So by now you know that my first born child turned 5.  I can’t believe that a little over 5 years ago I had never even met this little girl that has brought so much more to my life.  Life without her with be a bore (to say the very least).  She keeps me on my toes, always challenging, always making me laugh, & forever surprising me with her maturity & love for others.  I am more than thrilled to say she said more than once that it was her best day EVER… (only once did she say it was the worst)  Her favorite gift: an mp3 player that she has rarely let go of since she opened.  What  better way to listen to your music than in a dance leotard in a chair on top of a bench.
So back tracking a few days…the party!
Step 1: decorations
Step 2: invitations
Step 3: cake
Step 4: party (here)
Party favors: punch balloons that we hung from the trees. 
rainbow cake
Mills “helped” to hand out favors by screaming her head off when someone took a balloon home
while molly & mj had a discussion over whose gifts these really are
mj12 mj13
despite the heat, I think everyone had a great time!
As for the party menu:  I kept it simple with some of mjs favorites
  • -chick fil a nuggets
  • -cheetos
  • -watermelon
  • -gold fish
And for the parents I made a dip that is always my easy go to dip. Can be eaten cold or hot, served in a hawaiin bread bowl with fritos
  • 4 c shredded cheese
  • 16 oz. sour cream
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 3 or 4 green onions chopped
  • 2 tomatoes diced
happy summer days to you all!

July 13, 2010

boys, boys

I do not like to speculate about the future (not one bit) but I must admit I often find myself thinking of how much {I think} I could adore a few sons (and maybe a girl too - so I could have someone to take the ballet (and try on dresses and paint fingernails and adore new york with)).

not helping on the avoidance of such speculation:


image found here; first spotted here

On The Way In

On the way to and from our current dwelling the sights are ... worth sharing

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