April 15, 2010


I’m not sure how many times we can apologize for lack of posts (and unrelated to frames) before you decide to never read our blog again…but I’m hoping this isn’t the time :)

Last week my kids were on spring break and i was able to spend a few days at my parents’ lake house not far from here.  We love it there and can’t wait to head that way to spend a lot of time this summer! 

Note the picture below: my children take notes and make lists a lot.   I can’t imagine what kind of notes Molly is taking but she looks like she is 13 here..and MJ 14.  *sigh*


if you are my mom’s friend on facebook you know what she’s doing in the picture below..if not, become her friend..there will be no mystery as to what she is doing.  ever. (through pictures)


Jim is Mills’ favorite person in the world.  If it wasn’t so sweet I would be seriously jealous 028

just to keep it real….VERY soon after this picture was taken Mills took a bite out of MJ’s hand…no blood drawn, but lots of tears and some serious teeth marks left.    036

After all of that… the children went home and some college friends came down! yay!!  we had so much fun..looking through old pictures, catching up, laughing, eating, drinking, SLEEPING

We all had so much fun and really (except for the fact we are much more sober, make much better decisions, and aren’t quite as lazy)…we are all pretty much the same :) 

we had a mini frame show (that included only us - these frames ARE for sell, we just haven’t gotten them up on etsy..but SOON, i promise)


and returned home to this…


Lastly – i have to say Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Shanna’s precious baby Luke and happy 30th to my precious friend Laura Leigh.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Love all the pictures! Thanks for the birthday shoot out!!!! You are a wonderful friend to me and I am so thankful for all of our time spent together recently...even though it never seems like enough!!!!!! Love, LL

  2. whoops, i meant shout out!


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