April 1, 2010

currently obsessed with...

I've been such an absent blogger. I'm sorry. It looks like I might continue to be for a bit. I'm sorry for that too (or you're welcome, whatever works for you). If there is a word for exaggerated overwhelmingness, that's what I've been (if there is such a word, I'm too overwhelmed to think of it). As goes with being distracted by real life, I'm not exactly inspired enough to blog about anything worthwhile, so I'm just sharing a few of my current obsessions with you. Ya know, just to show you I care ;)

everything ginger
You may have read of my adoration for the delectable ginger martini i've been seeing everywhere lately. Well, I can't have those every day. But these, I can. and do:
{Little Bottles of} Ginger Ale: No, I haven't discovered a new or different brand or kind of ginger ale. I just can't stop drinking it. For some reason (I'm thinking it has something to do with cocktails), we have all of these small glass bottles of ginger ale in our fridge and i literally cannot. stop. drinking. them. They're perfect. They happen to be Schweppes but I don't really think that's the point.

Susansnaps: I'm pretty sure I adore all gingerbread, gingersnaps, etc. but  Susansnaps are - hands down - the best ginger cookie I've ever eaten. ever. If you like this sort of thing, you must try them. Actually, try them anyway. They're that good. If you're local, I am pretty sure you can get them at Place on the Pointe. If they're not (or you're not (local)), you can order them online. And do yourself a favor - do not order the snack pack.

oh yeh ... and music
lately, this has been where it's at.

and lastly, this (and yes, i did check the gap's size chart just to make absolutely sure that there was no possible way i could squeeze any part of my body into any of these pieces. total fail.). if you have children (or are as small as a child), you should definitely check it out.

oh wait - i almost forgot about these. cocoa roasted almonds. are you kidding me (in a good way)?

(ok, so obviously i'm not gonna fit into gap kids clothes any time soon either. oh well. i'm not a kid.)







  1. I have to say EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I got to your blog since I was googling childrens carnical birthday parties. I looged on to http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/2010/01/a-girly-marrakech-moroccan-themed-birthday-party/ where you commented about planning your childs 3rd bday with a carnival theme. Well I am also planning my childs 3rd with the theme. SO Im still browsing see if you wrote anything on that, but you may ask why commenting on this post? Well I lucked out on a visit to Gap one day where they put a ton of stuff from Stella M's winter collection for Gap and bought tons of stuff and am currenlty selling it all on ebay. I will sell for another three weeks I thinks when it will be all gone for (whatelse) paying for my daughters bday party.
    1- If you'd like to by anything from the winter collection cheapo (someone bought the flare jeans size 7 for .99cents yesterday!!) check my husbands page radamesmatos on ebay.com and
    2- I would love to hear how it wen with your party, if it happened already.
    If you could email me that'd be great becuase I don't know if I'll be able to chk here for a reply although I will be following you.
    I also have a blog having to do with fashion

  2. I didn't give you my email maricellerivera@gmail.com


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