April 19, 2010


I don’t know how your Mondays go..but mine usually involve lots of crying, screaming, running a bit late, trying to rip off clothes that i “suggested” they wear to school, hurt feelings, sleepy kids not wanting to brush teeth or hair or even move..  Despite all of that, I had high hopes today on getting all of our frames posted to you, but it’s Monday and things just don’t get done like you’d like!

I DID take the pictures and instead of posting on Etsy, we will post them all on here first for YOU to have first pick!  But not until tomorrow – I will organize them all tonight (assuming all goes as planned) and get them to you tomorrow.   059

And I will leave you with these last 2 pictures to make you smile on a Monday. I love these children in the picture below…. Can you name them all?


Last Wednesday…

As you  may have noticed in my shout out to Shanna – her baby Luke was born, they are doing well (after a bit of a scare in the hospital!) and I snapped a photo on his first day of life…of Annabelle, who is IN LOVE (to say the least) with “my Luke”. 


More tomorrow!!


  1. Love the frames! Can't wait to give mine to my b'maids!

  2. she loves her little man! : )


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