May 31, 2011

jump on over

to just me, my soldier, & our four little chicks to check out the s&j giveaway she is having today! 


At a time when we are remembering those that have sacrificed for this country, we should also remember the families and the sacrifices Stephanie and her four (yes 4!) girls are making. A very good friend of ours (Mandy) directed us to Stephanie’s blog (and her to ours).  Mandy’s husband is also away right now and I can’t imagine the strength and courage it takes for these women day after day but they do it and they do it gracefully.  Stephanie has 4 precious little girls (2 of which are twins!) and Mandy has 1 little boy Ernie (you’ve heard of him!) and one on the way.  Mandy will be giving birth to her little one a couple of months without her sweet husband.  Please say a prayer for her!  And don’t forget to go visit Stephanie’s cute blog and enter to win the frame above!

Have a wonderful week!

May 24, 2011

Serena & Lily {reinvented}

love this.

Have you had a chance to check out the new-new Serena & Lily catalog? They've rebranded and I like it.

Geometric Nailhead Patterned Upholstered Headboard - be still my heart!

Great Pattern and Color - for the floor - yes!

Dip-Dyed Draperies - yes please (I may or may not already be working on a similar project for a room in my home ... )

(these don't appear to be available for purchase - please advise if you know the contrary to be true)

oh wait! they already put all of my favorite things in one room?! i swear i didn't see that before i picked those faves. maybe i should do styling for them... Serena, Lily - are y'all listening?!

Among the changes is their logo, which they recruited Andy Spade to create - clever girls. This rebrand is an attempt to move outside of nurserys, they explained in the latest issue of Lonny Mag - check it out for the full story.

May 20, 2011

this week in pictures


Life has been fun and hectic and exciting and just a small itty bit stressful lately.  We are so close to being out of school we are just pretending like we already are (besides actually attending). 


The picture above makes me laugh…the girls spend so much time on our bed and Mills rarely stops moving these days.  We also had a friend over that we love!  If you have kids and don’t have a tent like this – it is a must-have Santa gift!  (i do realize it’s just May) Easy to move around and you can take it anywhere.  I would tell you where to get it but ours was passed on from someone else so I’m not sure!  Please leave a comment if you know!


and away from home…

In case you are 1 of the 2 people in this world that aren’t on facebook, you may have not heard…but our frames were on The Nate Berkus Show. (i know there is at least one person in the world that’s not on facebook because it’s our friend shanna..and you may be the other one, but that’s it – i’m certain)


And how lucky am I to have a partner that throws a viewing party (for 2) like this.  Doughnuts are not pictured but were an important part to the excitement! 

Also on my camera this week:


This is the entryway to Kay Fuller Interiors (arre borrowed my camera – she works there) If you don’t know us, you may not know that our Mother-in-law is a talented decorator and has a store here in town.  I just loved this picture arre took so wanted to throw it out there!  Like Kay Fuller Interior’s on facebook and if you are local – go see the store!  She has some really great finds!

And lastly – I snapped this picture of Mills this morning.  I was talking to Molly about how I was going to work again today and Mills listened and froze her face like this staring at me (long enough for me to grab the camera).  I am not sure if it’s terror or confusion.


Thanks to our Nate Berkus appearance we’ve been a bit busier and I think she’s wondering if I am ever coming back or if she gets to eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast every morning (like this morning).  

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

May 18, 2011

stewart & james on Nate Berkus!

Stay home from work, watch online or at very least set your DVR because TODAY stewart & james is on The Nate Show!

We will update you later but for now, check your local listings!

Thanks friends!

kristen and arre

stewart & james :: coming to CHARLESTON

Summer is near and for s&j that means showtime. (You didn't miss our spring show in Atlanta did you?)

This one has been a long time coming... We are (finally!) headed to Charleston, South Carolina! We are so thrilled about this locale: a new scene for our product, old friends and {hopefully} new (do you live in the Charleston area?!), a super cool city (I meant to go to college there - seriously) and great eats ~ we'll be happy there.

Now if I can just convince Kristen we need to stay for a long weekend ... (are any of Kristen's children's grandmothers (or aunts that are not me) reading this? ;) )

The date is set for June 23. If you would like further details, please email us at

hello {at} stewartandjames {dot} com

we look forward to hearing from you {and hopefully meeting you} soon!


M.B. Strother Designs

I'm having quite a love affair with stationary as of late (it may have a little something to do with the fact that my beloved sister is on yet another adventure this year and we are having such fun being pen pals (she has limited cell and internet service). The latest addition to my {ever-growing} collection arrived this evening:

Isn't it darling?

It's by Melissa Strother of M.B. Stother Designs. She hand paints these wonderful watercolor designs then prints the stationary herself - what a clever gal.

I had my cards and envelopes personalized (and hand delivered - this doll is my neighbor!)

The Red Unicycle is (obviously) my personal favorite but here are few I'm considering for others:

My bee keeping sister needs these

And these would be perfect for my beach bunny grandmother

She does invitations as well. I can't wait to have a dinner party and use this hot pink silverware card:

Check out her other creations and like her here!

May 17, 2011

the perfect gift

It’s that time of year.  You need a gift for graduation, teacher, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, best friend, roommate, brother, sister, cousin, and don’t forget your mailman!  What better way than to show your love with a gift certificate to s&j.

gift certificate

Make someone smile :)

email us at hello @ stewartandjames . com and a pretty little letter will arrive in no time because we all know the best gifts come in an envelope.

May 16, 2011

beach {eats}

I've been forwarding the same email to quite a few friends lately. It's a response to this question: Where should we eat the beach*?

So I figured I would transfer the list over here in case anyone else is wondering!


-georges (prob better for dinner - alys)

-the red bar (any meal - grayton)

-fire (dinner - santa rosa)

-pizza by the sea (lunch or dinner - watercolor)

-caliza (dinner - alys) fun fact: one erika powell did their {amazing} rooftop patio!

-la cocina (any meal - seacrest)

-watercolor beach club (lunch on rooftop bar)

-another broken egg (breakfast - grayton)

-cafe tango (dinner. santa rosa (def get a reservation. your house is bigger (way bigger) than this place.

-hurricane's (lunch or dinner. grayton)

-crush (seaside. wine bar with great sushi)

-the shrimp shack (seaside. it's grossly overpriced but does sell a mean lobster roll.)

-heavenly's (dessert. seaside)

-(sort of (as in you sort of eat here)) raw and juicy (seaside. it's a juice bar - their juices are good. duh. so is their raw oat meal. for breakfast)

-louis louis (dinner. santa rosa)

-smiling fish (santa rosa. they have lunch and dinner but dinner is better. actually i haven't had dinner there in years because it used to only be open on tuesday nights. it was good when i was there, though and am excited that it is now open more often. the last time i lunched there it was sub-par, though. way sub-par. the dinner (like 4 years ago) was really great.)


-the red bar (see above)

-louis louis (see above)

-watercolor rooftop bar (see above)

-wine world (watercolor - cheesy name. fun tastings)
-bud & alley's rooftop bar (seaside)

-crush (see above)

-old florida fish house (most nights they have music and a little more of a bar scene - if you wanna get into that.)

be merry.

seaside. i know it's a cliche but the bookstore and modica market and the rooftop bar and the beach access and the farmers market (on saturday mornings) - it's all really cool. even if every other tourist in America agrees.
I know there are many more. Please contribute what you know!

*the beach (in our world) is always the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida area

image source: 1, 2, 3

May 13, 2011

how cute is….

this mirror?!


Our moms are our #1 fans in life and that is no exception when it comes to s&j.  So when my mom asked if we had anything for her newly screened in porch – I knew just the item!

I do love this mirror – it is made from an old window which is perfect for the spot – it gives the porch a larger feel and with all the greenery it reflects makes you feel like it could actually BE a window.


original hardware remains intact.



If you would like to order one please email us at hello @ stewartandjames . com .  Happy Friday!

May 11, 2011


Inventory page updated!


Also – a summer show coming up! Hopefully, to a town near you?  Stay tuned and see…we are SO excited about this trip!

The Royal Wedding

I know it's silly and I know I'm a little old for fairy tales - or at least believing in them :/ (and I know this is not the first time I've mentioned this) but I can't lie... i am can't stop thinking about the Royal Wedding.

I guess it's a little bit that I so vividly remember Diana and at least one part the whole princess thing (and that Kate is gorgeous and has a great sense of style) and largely that they are my age  and... I don't know - it's just. so. fascinating.

I would have loved to have a viewing party (fascinators and all!) but I had a prior obligation the very day (and into the evening)... so I resorted to DVR and watched on Monday (I know - I had to avoid all social mediums for days). I did have a bottle glass of champagne while I viewed - so at least I was a little festive.

Even though it was pre-recorded by the time I watched it, I still had chills and almost tears. It really was an incredible thing to watch. I know it's old news now, so I won't carry on. (Even though I can't. stop. watching it.)

p.s. did you know that at the ancient age of 29, Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle as the OLDEST royal bride EVER. wow.

image source

May 7, 2011

fire engine red

Red is not a color we keep in rotation for our frames mostly because it’s bold and people tend to shy away from it (most seem to be drawn to the safer muted colors)  But at our Atlanta show, one of our hosts asked if we could do some red for her little boy’s room.  We love the opportunity to try a new color!  She picked the frames that she wanted and we got to work (when we got home).  She wanted lattice and a red stripe both on reclaimed frames…the results are precious!  We hope you like them Becca!


May 5, 2011

Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Have you seen this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House?!

My two favorites were Amanda Nisbet's bedroom and Celerie Kemble's parlor - for totally different reasons.

Nisbet's bedroom was total mayhem!

That wallcovering - it makes me want to scream (in a good way.) I love the shade of pink and the handpainted look. Not to mention how intense it is as an all over application.
And the artwork is amazing - I can't wait to be able to collect art work. I can't stop looking at this piece.

The paneled walls are gorgeous on their own but are even better in contrast to the pink walls!
The tiny brass nailheads on the upholstered headboard are great too and probably a more apraochable detail to take away from this over-the-top space.

And I loved the layout of the parlor -

I think she did a great job of maximizing the space by ignoring what was already where (windows, shelving, etc.). That is so hard to do - for me. I am trying, though and feel most inspired by her illustration here.

We have a small library in the new house (ah - the new house - remember that? are you even still interested?) and have been wrestling with furniture placement. It's so tiny and only has one open wall that is also the only walk way.

I love Kemble's placement of the tete-a-tete settee - in front of but not obstructing the window - genius! I just don't have the gorgeous view from my window, so I don't know that many a tete-a-tetes would commence there...

She also smartly placed a sofa in front of and hung artwork from the open shelving.  Maybe I will too!

Any favorites?

image soure 1, 2, 3

May 3, 2011

almost summer

Things have been crazy busy (in a good way!)  The kids are wrapping up school and dance, having swim lessons, and getting really really antsy and ready for summer break (me too!)  But in between all the craziness we have been busy wrapping and shipping out frames…




And on a much more important note…


we love the wrellde (world)  

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