May 20, 2011

this week in pictures


Life has been fun and hectic and exciting and just a small itty bit stressful lately.  We are so close to being out of school we are just pretending like we already are (besides actually attending). 


The picture above makes me laugh…the girls spend so much time on our bed and Mills rarely stops moving these days.  We also had a friend over that we love!  If you have kids and don’t have a tent like this – it is a must-have Santa gift!  (i do realize it’s just May) Easy to move around and you can take it anywhere.  I would tell you where to get it but ours was passed on from someone else so I’m not sure!  Please leave a comment if you know!


and away from home…

In case you are 1 of the 2 people in this world that aren’t on facebook, you may have not heard…but our frames were on The Nate Berkus Show. (i know there is at least one person in the world that’s not on facebook because it’s our friend shanna..and you may be the other one, but that’s it – i’m certain)


And how lucky am I to have a partner that throws a viewing party (for 2) like this.  Doughnuts are not pictured but were an important part to the excitement! 

Also on my camera this week:


This is the entryway to Kay Fuller Interiors (arre borrowed my camera – she works there) If you don’t know us, you may not know that our Mother-in-law is a talented decorator and has a store here in town.  I just loved this picture arre took so wanted to throw it out there!  Like Kay Fuller Interior’s on facebook and if you are local – go see the store!  She has some really great finds!

And lastly – I snapped this picture of Mills this morning.  I was talking to Molly about how I was going to work again today and Mills listened and froze her face like this staring at me (long enough for me to grab the camera).  I am not sure if it’s terror or confusion.


Thanks to our Nate Berkus appearance we’ve been a bit busier and I think she’s wondering if I am ever coming back or if she gets to eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast every morning (like this morning).  

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Little Mills looks annoyed, lol! Almost like "Mom, really?!?!?" Ohmygoodness...I could eat her up. She is too cute. CONGRATS on your TV segment. I am so excited for the two of you. I hope this opens lots of doors for your business. <3

  2. You forgot that Shelly is not on facebook either. But I'm pretty sure they are the only two. ;)

  3. I am on FB, but of course I never check it :)
    Yeah, that person.
    That is crazy about Nate. I have to find it and see it!
    Congrats Arre & Kristen.
    The picture you took at Kay Fuller is awesome. I want to sit there and read a magazine and pretend I have nothing to do.
    Happy Friday.

  4. Thank you so much Jamie!
    and Mandy: i forgot! and yes..they have to be the only 2.
    Lindsay: thank you! and wouldn't that be nice! (to pretend like you have nothing to do!) Hope you and those precious little ones are good!

  5. oh my GAH, Mills is cute! i cannot stop looking at the last picture.

  6. this is really funny. on the morning that s&j was featured on nate berkus, as i was watching the show i truly had this thought : "i bet arre is drinking a mimosa and having brunch/breakfast right now watching this show". i'm not kidding - and she was! ha! i knew that she would have a cocktail to match and celebrate the occasion b/c she had champagne when she watched the royal wedding. by herself. ha! at least she had her partner to share the morning cocktail with!
    lol on the facebook!


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