May 11, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I know it's silly and I know I'm a little old for fairy tales - or at least believing in them :/ (and I know this is not the first time I've mentioned this) but I can't lie... i am can't stop thinking about the Royal Wedding.

I guess it's a little bit that I so vividly remember Diana and at least one part the whole princess thing (and that Kate is gorgeous and has a great sense of style) and largely that they are my age  and... I don't know - it's just. so. fascinating.

I would have loved to have a viewing party (fascinators and all!) but I had a prior obligation the very day (and into the evening)... so I resorted to DVR and watched on Monday (I know - I had to avoid all social mediums for days). I did have a bottle glass of champagne while I viewed - so at least I was a little festive.

Even though it was pre-recorded by the time I watched it, I still had chills and almost tears. It really was an incredible thing to watch. I know it's old news now, so I won't carry on. (Even though I can't. stop. watching it.)

p.s. did you know that at the ancient age of 29, Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle as the OLDEST royal bride EVER. wow.

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