May 16, 2011

beach {eats}

I've been forwarding the same email to quite a few friends lately. It's a response to this question: Where should we eat the beach*?

So I figured I would transfer the list over here in case anyone else is wondering!


-georges (prob better for dinner - alys)

-the red bar (any meal - grayton)

-fire (dinner - santa rosa)

-pizza by the sea (lunch or dinner - watercolor)

-caliza (dinner - alys) fun fact: one erika powell did their {amazing} rooftop patio!

-la cocina (any meal - seacrest)

-watercolor beach club (lunch on rooftop bar)

-another broken egg (breakfast - grayton)

-cafe tango (dinner. santa rosa (def get a reservation. your house is bigger (way bigger) than this place.

-hurricane's (lunch or dinner. grayton)

-crush (seaside. wine bar with great sushi)

-the shrimp shack (seaside. it's grossly overpriced but does sell a mean lobster roll.)

-heavenly's (dessert. seaside)

-(sort of (as in you sort of eat here)) raw and juicy (seaside. it's a juice bar - their juices are good. duh. so is their raw oat meal. for breakfast)

-louis louis (dinner. santa rosa)

-smiling fish (santa rosa. they have lunch and dinner but dinner is better. actually i haven't had dinner there in years because it used to only be open on tuesday nights. it was good when i was there, though and am excited that it is now open more often. the last time i lunched there it was sub-par, though. way sub-par. the dinner (like 4 years ago) was really great.)


-the red bar (see above)

-louis louis (see above)

-watercolor rooftop bar (see above)

-wine world (watercolor - cheesy name. fun tastings)
-bud & alley's rooftop bar (seaside)

-crush (see above)

-old florida fish house (most nights they have music and a little more of a bar scene - if you wanna get into that.)

be merry.

seaside. i know it's a cliche but the bookstore and modica market and the rooftop bar and the beach access and the farmers market (on saturday mornings) - it's all really cool. even if every other tourist in America agrees.
I know there are many more. Please contribute what you know!

*the beach (in our world) is always the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida area

image source: 1, 2, 3


  1. check out the newly opened, "the v", in seagrove! amazing restaurant with an awesome scene!!!!!!

    1. One year later, thanks so much! It definitely should be included.

  2. Thanks for clarifying what beach you were talking, newbies, needed that :)


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