May 5, 2011

Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Have you seen this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House?!

My two favorites were Amanda Nisbet's bedroom and Celerie Kemble's parlor - for totally different reasons.

Nisbet's bedroom was total mayhem!

That wallcovering - it makes me want to scream (in a good way.) I love the shade of pink and the handpainted look. Not to mention how intense it is as an all over application.
And the artwork is amazing - I can't wait to be able to collect art work. I can't stop looking at this piece.

The paneled walls are gorgeous on their own but are even better in contrast to the pink walls!
The tiny brass nailheads on the upholstered headboard are great too and probably a more apraochable detail to take away from this over-the-top space.

And I loved the layout of the parlor -

I think she did a great job of maximizing the space by ignoring what was already where (windows, shelving, etc.). That is so hard to do - for me. I am trying, though and feel most inspired by her illustration here.

We have a small library in the new house (ah - the new house - remember that? are you even still interested?) and have been wrestling with furniture placement. It's so tiny and only has one open wall that is also the only walk way.

I love Kemble's placement of the tete-a-tete settee - in front of but not obstructing the window - genius! I just don't have the gorgeous view from my window, so I don't know that many a tete-a-tetes would commence there...

She also smartly placed a sofa in front of and hung artwork from the open shelving.  Maybe I will too!

Any favorites?

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  1. arre, you were right - that room is amazing (they both are!). the wallcovering is TO DIE FOR!!!


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