November 28, 2010

a Thanksgiving to remember

While I love tradition as much as the next person – tradition has not found us during Thanksgiving.  Many times the same meal will appear (dressing, turkey, green beans, etc.) but the company is rarely the same.  As our families have grown, our lives have become busy and not everyone can travel so we are left to join whomever will have us or have our own small Thanksgiving.  This year, Arre & Matt graciously (and stylishly with adorable invites) asked us to join them along with a mixture of her family, our in-laws, and my parents for a Thanksgiving feast at their newly renovated (and just now – recently moved into) new home. 


There are 5 children involved in the mix (all of which are girls) which always makes a meal more fun!

The framed print on the mantel is a replica of the invites (or vice versa)

DId I mention her house was completely empty besides tables & chairs brought in it looked fabulous!

I am only posting one picture of Arre talking with her hands arms but take my word for it – there are many  
one of the precious girls



and the whole crew….CSC_0281

Thanks Arre – i think we may have a new tradition!


  1. gah...that feast was so cute as i knew it would be if y'all (the hostesses w/ the mostess creativity and style) were hosting it! arre - i can't wait to see your house!

  2. thanks shanna - it was so fun! and kristen, i HOPE we have a new tradition - i loved it.


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