November 2, 2010

♥ chocolate cake ♥

something about this time of year makes me really excited about decadent food. maybe it's all of the impending celebrating i know there is to come!

kicking off this ridiculously fun food season: this gorgeous chocolate cake
doesn't it remind you of Max's crown from Where the Wild Things Are? it does me.
this one, created by Cenk Sönmezsoy of the delicious blog, Cafe Fernando, is devil's food and is made complete with a ginger-spiced ganache - yum.

Design*Sponge has the recipe (and plenty of other drool-inducing photographs).


  1. So I don't allow chocolate in my house b/c I eat all of it.
    Like the brownies, M & Ms, & little Baby Ruth I ate today. Like I said, no chocolate allowed. Especially not something like this.

  2. umm YUM i hear you lindsay - i have a chocolate problem too...this cake looks WONDERFUL!

  3. i have a similar problem, too. thank God we don't have a house this year, so there was no halloween candy to taunt me in the days preceding trick-or-treat ;)

    to that notion, this cake would definitely have to be for a party, so putting it away could be shared.


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