March 28, 2013

a confetti tea party

Mills & Cellie have been sharing their birthday parties for 3 years now and hopefully they will continue to always do so!  As I have mentioned in the past years, my friend Molly (Cellie’s mom) is so great to throw a party with – she will do whatever ridiculous things i throw her way.  I really truly think this may be my most favorite party we have done yet…enjoy the pictures and can you believe my baby is 4?!  I can not.

the birthday girls…

m and c

209 210


you know pinterest and her great ideas….



favors: party popcorn


just passing a little pre party time with a game of go through pops’ legs



such little ladies


MJ and my mother-in-law












Mills & Cellie’s past parties: 2 & 3

MJ & Molly’s 4 year old tea parties: MJ / Molly

x o x o 2013

Yes it’s almost April and while I am not a strong believer in “better late than never,” I thought maybe this will be helpful for next year!  We had close to 50 valentine’s to make this year and while I do love how these turned out, in hindsight those mickey mouse cards already put together with a sucker are looking pretty good for next year ;)


the stamp above, i found at Staples and am in love with it!  It’s a little time consuming with the tiny letters but so worth it when you are stamping 50 Valentine cards




Attach a little baggie with two different color conversation hearts (enough to play a tic tac toe game with).  I just stapled them to the paper.




I wrapped up a starbucks card with a little washi tape for the teachers


I helped with MJ’s Valentine party at school again this year and took only one picture:


We used the washi tape to tape down tic tac toe grids for the kids to play.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Check out last year’s Valentine’s Day party here (we used the same chocolate bowls this year but used them to hold the conversation hearts for tic tac toe.)

March 1, 2013

a camp “in” party

Well hello there!  It’s been too long but I thought I better go ahead and get Molly’s 6th birthday party down for record.  You know, to prove it happened one day when she wonders why everyone’s birthdays are on the blog but her 6th.  So here it is..a month late :)

Molly’s birthday is the end of January and is always a little tricky with weather.  We never know which way the temp will go.  I planned an indoor party for her this year to cut down on the stress of January’s fickle weather but it turned out the one year I plan an indoor party..the weather was beautiful.  Go figure :)  I set up two tents in the living room and strung lights for our stars.  


We threw as many pillows as we could find into the tents along with books (since that’s what squealing, giggling 6 year olds want to do- sit in a tent and read, again: thank goodness it was pretty outside)

Although Molly went the blue route last year (and wore the same dress again this year)’s no secret her favorite color is purple.


the favors included glow sticks, sunglasses, & compasses all wrapped up in a purple bandana.


and a shadow puppet or two to take home.  I bought this pattern to trace on etsy because i can NOT draw … and I just blew it up on a copy machine, traced onto cardstock and cut.  I taped the cutouts onto wooden sticks and stuck them in a piece of styrofoam that I covered in paper too.

p shadow2

a little shadow puppet fun in the tents

molly shadowdancer 


cake eaten

You can’t camp without s’mores!


As always, I can’t believe she’s another year older.. our sweet Molly is 6. 


Molly’s 3rd, 4th, & 5th birthdays.

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