February 21, 2012

a blue’s clues scavenger hunt

Ain’t no party like a blue’s clues party (for a five year old)!!  And i mean that, I think there ain’t no blues clues party for any five year olds, BUT as I mentioned in the earlier post regarding Molly’s 5th birthday party, she has had a blue’s clues theme in mind for quite some time!  In an effort to incorporate the theme we stuck with lots of blue and a scavenger hunt. 


We are lucky enough to live very close to my parents who have the perfect birthday party spot in their backyard. 009

To keep the scavenger hunt age appropriate, we used three small chalkboards and put blue paw prints on them.  These chalkboards were hung throughout the woods along paths so it would be easy to see. 

 016  018

pops path – my dad (pops) has trails marked at his house, all named for grandchildren and himself of course ;)



The kids travelled by hay ride and kept an eye out for a “clue” (a paw print).  When they spotted one, they would jump out and gather as many gold, glittery nature items as they could find.




059 060 062

Then they would hop back on the trailer and look for another clue until they found all 3.





favors: cake pops


it’s not a party without a pinata!


The weather was fabulous (for early February!) so we picnicked and played


and ate blue cake


it was a pretty perfect day :)


  1. Ha! Love that opening rap. It WAS a perfect day. The scavenger hunt was super fun and the weather was absolutely divine! Good job!

  2. Kristen,
    You clearly have the gift of party planning, decorating, etc. I always love seeing what all you do. Your girls are blessed to have a mama who loves them so much and goes above and beyond for them. :)

  3. thank you arre and that is so sweet angie, thank you!


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