February 2, 2012

in recent news…

Molly turned 5!  (on Tuesday) and we are celebrating this sweet girl some more this weekend.  Life has been crazy so I still have so much to do for her party but thought I would show you pictures what we have in store (next week, party pictures!)

First – a little about this precious 5 year old.


She is super sweet, is kind to everyone, is really quiet but has a contagious laugh.  She is sensitive, loving, and our sweet sweet molly.  And as always – i can’t believe she is another year older.  Molly has been planning her blue’s clues birthday party for 6 months now – I believe it was mid summer when she was hanging out with Arre and I received numerous emails with pictures attached related to her blue’s clues party (from arre, chosen by molly).  The only trick – nowhere sells blues clues items, do they even MAKE new shows anymore?!  I don’t think so. So we are going with a blue theme along with a paw print here and there along with a scavenger hunt, should be fun!














 060 062

the “real” birthday – with family



Have a wonderful weekend and keep your fingers crossed for no rain!

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  1. i still can't believe Molly is FIVE! maybe THAT's why i accidentally gave her size three jeans?!


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