May 18, 2011

stewart & james :: coming to CHARLESTON

Summer is near and for s&j that means showtime. (You didn't miss our spring show in Atlanta did you?)

This one has been a long time coming... We are (finally!) headed to Charleston, South Carolina! We are so thrilled about this locale: a new scene for our product, old friends and {hopefully} new (do you live in the Charleston area?!), a super cool city (I meant to go to college there - seriously) and great eats ~ we'll be happy there.

Now if I can just convince Kristen we need to stay for a long weekend ... (are any of Kristen's children's grandmothers (or aunts that are not me) reading this? ;) )

The date is set for June 23. If you would like further details, please email us at

hello {at} stewartandjames {dot} com

we look forward to hearing from you {and hopefully meeting you} soon!


1 comment:

  1. Yes, Go enjoy a long week in Charleston! love it there.. Auntie Kat can get some practice:)


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