May 31, 2011

jump on over

to just me, my soldier, & our four little chicks to check out the s&j giveaway she is having today! 


At a time when we are remembering those that have sacrificed for this country, we should also remember the families and the sacrifices Stephanie and her four (yes 4!) girls are making. A very good friend of ours (Mandy) directed us to Stephanie’s blog (and her to ours).  Mandy’s husband is also away right now and I can’t imagine the strength and courage it takes for these women day after day but they do it and they do it gracefully.  Stephanie has 4 precious little girls (2 of which are twins!) and Mandy has 1 little boy Ernie (you’ve heard of him!) and one on the way.  Mandy will be giving birth to her little one a couple of months without her sweet husband.  Please say a prayer for her!  And don’t forget to go visit Stephanie’s cute blog and enter to win the frame above!

Have a wonderful week!

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