September 30, 2009


if i'd only known what a weekend-long theme this would become...

A few weeks ago Kristen and I trekked across the state to see our sisters (how convenient that we each have a sister in the same town. i still can't get over the perfectness of it). She to meet a brand new niece, I to (yet again ;) move my medium sister (I borrowed the terminology. 'Medium' is what Mary James once called Molly. Clearly, she meant middle, which also designates which sister I'm referring to. But I digress.) Luckily, the loveliness doesn't stop there, their kindred home? Savannah!

I always mean to capture lots of parts of my life as the best bloggers do but I seldom succeed. This weekend cannot be counted among such failures.

Abby (said sister of mine) was moving from what can only be categorized as 'the 'hood'. Two years ago when we moved her in Matt had serious trepidation about leaving her in such a place. And he is far from a worrier. Pictured above was the locale's only point of redemption. We thought it only appropriate to bid adieu by way of a feast of cupcakes.

This place
not only houses the most marvelous treats (to look at and eat) but it also houses the sign pictured above, which my co-worker observed would make quite a cute accoutrement for little girl's room. What a lovely idea!

We vowed to not spend much money while i was there so we stopped at a gas station - one that happened to have a decent selection of wine and cheeses. only in Savannah - to pick up (our version of) a recession-friendly end of day indulgence for once our hard work (for the day) was through. We also came across some really gorgeous flowers in the really-on-sale bin at Kroger. I called all of this decadence on a dime.

As we neared what was to be the new and (according to Abby) improved abode, Abby starts telling me there is more than one way to get to there and that one of them is not as cute. I had already noticed the less than stellar surroundings. No sooner than I said "I don't care how we get there as long as we're not nearby" she says "we're here!" Utter disdain. I am now sad I didn't photo-document this part of the weekend. But the last thing I was thinking at the time was what a cute blog post this was going to make. Suffice to say she had cleaned the entire thing (so she said) with rainwater because, that's right, she hadn't yet gotten her water tuned on. It's also noteworthy that only someone as small as her could possibly fit around her double bed because it quite literally filled the entire bedroom. But this all pales in comparison to the fact that the first night she spent there (right, with no water) there was a drug bust across the alley, which also serves as the only access point to the dump. The only photo I did bother taking was on the phone to send to my mom and Matt as a plea for help; as in 'help me convince her she cannot possibly live here.'

that's right. there are bars on the windows.

Matt, being the perfect (or at very least 'accutely in tune to where his maybe-a-little-less-than-easy-to-please-wife will even consider resting her head) husband he is, responded instantly with "call and reserve a room at a hotel downtown. i insist."

So we did. There we dined on our gas station begotten gains. For a minute. (yes, we used the cellophane wrapped styrofoam cups for wine and brought our knife). We soon decided since we'd already sort of blown it anyway, what with the hotel and all, to forgo the whole minimalist weekend and dine out! After all, the vow to barely spend was taken before i laid eyes on her home-to-be.

The next day, thanks to a good night's rest, a real meal and the fact that the roommate-to-be's mother put living in the would-be residence to screeching halt, we headed to what came to be known as the new-new apartment and started re-moving. The rest of the day was spent between the old-old apartment (where she was living), the old-new apartment (where she thought she was going to live) and the new-new apartment (where she does live).

By the end of the weekend, leaving her here

with this fireplace *swoon*

windows like these *sigh*

views like this *gasp*


and this outside her door

oh yeh! and overwhelmingly close proximity to these lovelies

I left her with an envious heart, which - in this case anyway - I strangely enough, much prefer.

post by arre


  1. arre... savannah used to be my digs for a short while in my just post-college days. i've been to the back in the day bakery - so adorable! i'm assuming she lived in the starlight district - if i am remembering correctly. it was ghetto-ish for sure w/ some creative shops and businesses but not enough to outweigh the ghetto. i sold advertising to some area businesses. however, i also sold advertising to arcanum and if she is living close to there and the gorgeous jones st. then what lovelier place in savannah could she be?! even though it's only about maybe (what?) 10 blocks or so from starlight, that's like hundreds of miles away. she's in a great place to be inspired to create more of her great custom jewelry!

  2. oh wowwwwwwwww!!!! i think your sis needs a lifestyle photo session... ;) that is so beautiful. guess she paid her dues! oh and the cupcakes... MY GOD THE CUPCAKES!!!!!!! dang.....

  3. i love this post!! first, i am in love with that sign (about cupcakes and keeping calm) i can't help but imagining someone handing YOU the cupcake and telling you to keep calm. it's too funny. secondly, i love that abby described the way to get their as "not cute" and thirdly...WOW! love love love where she ended up!


  4. Abby's new-new place definitely beats driving through the Popeye's fast food driveway in order to get to her old-old house! And, I believe she described the old-new place as a carriage house, which is hillarious after reading what you thought of it!

    And, your sweet sister brought me some "newborn" cupcakes (that's what they call the tiny ones) from Back in the Day Bakery to celebrate my newborn. Love that place!!

    Come see us soon! Can't believe that you got a hotel room when you could have crashed with us.



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