July 8, 2009

four years ago today..

Our lives were turned upside down. We welcomed our first baby girl into the world..she entered the world loudly and hasn't toned it down a bit! She literally hasn't stopped talking and she has been known to fall asleep mid sentence... and i've had the question asked many times..."does she ever stop talking?" Nope..until she passes out

mj with her 3 most important possessions - bik, blanket, & pig

today will be her day..we'll do things she loves. And while she is still sleeping right now, i have a feeling this is how our day will be filled with heart pancakes, chocolate cake, pink sprinkles, and lots of family and friends. You probably know mary james by now, but if not check her out here.


  1. Happy Birthday MJ!!!
    Love, Aunt Kelley

  2. i sure do love this little girl! happy birthday to you, Mary James! xx -arre

  3. happy b-day mary james! i'm glad me and ab got to see you on your big day! we can't wait for your princess tea party. annabelle has a new fancy butterfly princess-ish (kinda) dress that she can't wait to wear! love, annabelle and shanna


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