July 29, 2009

s t e w a r t & j a m e s ♥ savannah!

When we have an out of town show, we never know what to expect, but Savannah (far)exceeded our expectations. We could not have asked for a better host (see sister below), sitter (see my mom below pretending to also be a German? waitress), and best of all - our customers!!

our 9 month pregnant hostess with my nephew (oh, and her little boy)..

my mom, the baby sitter & server(?) She was fired after telling someone to get "their own wine" just kidding, but she really would do that so we suggested she just watch the kids.

setting up...
putting out.. (frames that is)

letting go...
Every time we have a production, Arre & I fall in love with certain frames and are so sad to see them go. We understand that we make them to sell them, but still...sometimes it's so hard to let go! This is the exact (if not more dramatic) story of the frame below. While Arre kept from shedding a tear, she walked over to the Isabel's house (who purchased the frame) and was relieved that her favorite this time will, in fact, have a good home.

working.... (if that's what you want to call it ;))

creating....my soon-to-be niece's initials on this cute frame (by arre)

smiling...(our 3rd S&J team member)

chilling... (mills holding down the fort outside with cousin and uncle)


this one's for you Ashley... (laying out frames so she could decide how to do a wall of them!) Can't wait to see the final display!

chatting.... about our fun day!

thank you for the support and love savannah!! We plan to make this an annual one! Look forward to seeing everyone next year (maybe even sooner!)

kristen & arre

post by kristen


  1. #1 SuSu did not at any point actually wear the outfit she is "outfitted" in above - that was worn in jest!

    #2 I am the most slack blogger ever. thank you Kristen for keeping it up - you are the best! xx

    #3 savannah really did rock. i was overwhelmed at what a positive response we got and can't wait to see how many of our lovely *sigh* new customers send us pics of where their purchases end up (hint hint).

    - (mia)a

  2. Love seeing all these pictures!! We had fun!



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