July 2, 2009

Savannah show

in a (very, as Kristen gently reminded me this morning) few short weeks we will be headed to Savannah for a frame show. As we have mentioned in the past, we really love frame shows.

Let me count the ways I adore frame shows:

-they sometimes include travel(!)

-they are like mini parties that last for days (!)

-we ready lots of inventory and with components like reclaimed wood we sometimes don't what we're going to get until the finished product comes out. and i love surprises!

-seeing people interact with and about our frames is so rewarding and always a terrific reminder of why we decided we wanted to pursue this in the first place.

This show in particular has a few extra perks - oh Savannah, how i love you xx

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1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love your frames! Have a wonderful show. And as we redecorate our house, I will keep your products in mind. I may have to order some!


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