July 30, 2009

you have to take a breath...

when you are talking sometimes. Mary James learned this the other day when we were having this conversation (before our frame show to savannah)

me: have you packed your bag yet?
mj: welllll, ihaven'tpackedALLmystuffbecauseican'tbeside(decide)whatiamtakingtowearatnightbecausemollywillprolly(probably)wantthisnightgownifihavemineon, SOOOO,maybei'llbringmybarbieandthenwe'llseeifkaykayhasmycotbedreadyandmaybewecan {huge gasp for breath then a terrified look my way} mama - i had to stop talking!?
me: i know, sometimes you have to breath when you talk
mj: hmm {still confused}

well when i returned from the trip, I took MJ to her dreaded 4 year checkup (dreaded because of the # of shots she received) and didn't read this little bit of information until i was putting the papers away that i was handed. I really fell out of my chair when i read the last bit of info...

HAAA really... thanks for the post warning! And it wasn't as if they were trying to mask it by saying..your child may be a bit verbal, etc. it's just "this age child talks too much" it's the most true piece of information i have ever read regarding my children.
The psychological part of this is almost just as hilarious.. read that section. who writes these things?! Maybe if i let her walk ahead of the family on walks it will slow down some. I somehow doubt it, but we'll take a big talker over a bathroom word rhymer any day :)

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