July 31, 2009

braving the backyard! guest blogger :: shanna scott

If you have been following us any, you know that Shanna is a very good friend of ours, that just so happens to be handy with the camera too. She came over to take pictures of frames (for our etsy shop). While Arre helped her organize and pick frames to photograph, I wrangled 4 little girls inside. Annabelle (who is always very sweet and well behaved) and my 3. Afterwards we ordered sushi and had the guys pick it up. A couple of days later shanna sent this e-mail...she said I could post it :)
Since Kristen was (very) busy keeping 4 girls b/t the ages of 4 months and 4 years, and Arre was feverishly (literally b/c of the heat/humidity and impending thunderheads that were building) organizing the frames to be photographed, my camera lens caught a bit more detail than you two were aware of...

In case you weren't aware, my photography skills have developed to the point ; ) where I apparently now need an entourage of assistants (aka aggravations). Accompanying me on this shoot were one curious cat and 2 creepy crawlers.

The first creepy crawler was a really large prehistoric looking bug. I have no idea what type of bug it was, but I'm not a fan of it. I saw some other dead ones around the yard, but decided to spare y'all photos of that.

The cat. Curiousity (almost made me) kill(ed) the cat. Just kidding. I wouldn't do that but this cat, not unlike most others, was a pain in the rear. Sorry if y'all like cats. I lived w/ a really really devious little cat in college. It would purposefully (yes, purposefully - i know it!) pass gas while it was right next to me (in my face to be exact!), knock things over in my room and go back and do it again right after I picked them up, and hide under my bed and pounce/scratch my feet as I walked by. Since then, I'm really just not a fan of felines. Anyway, this cat was clearly jealous that the Stewart and James handcrafted frames were the star of the shoot instead of itself. It tried several strategies to sabotage the shoot.

It chewed my toes and the wooden peg for the frames several times. It purposefully knocked over a couple of the props that the frames were leaning up against. It was running through my legs as I was walking and almost tripped me several times. It tried to get in numerous photos. All of this is well documented.

Kristen, are you sure that you haven't been feeding this cat? Hmm...I seem to remember one friendly feline that took a liking to y'all's house on Hilltop where soon after you began feeding it and soon after that it gave birth next to your driveway.

Anyway, the cat is fired.

My final assistant was a very strange, albino looking furry bug. Yes, the bug was furry. White fur. You can see it in the photo.

Perhaps it is a chameleon bug b/c it was trying to disguise itself on a white frame. Who knows? Maybe an entymologist would. I've never seen a bug like this before. Well, I had to move on w/ the job so I flicked the bug off of the frame.. No worries, Kristen. The bug was not harmed. However, when it landed it sort of skidded across the black step and left a white trail - due to it's weird white fur, I assume.

In spite of the heat/humidity and rain clouds, the cat and bugs, and the issue of having to choose sushi rolls without a menu (Yeah, that's why 2 of the rolls tasted like cat food. Kristen could've fed those 2 to the cat.. Must get a to-go menu.) and 4 little ladies under 4, I'd say it was a success and the frames will sell like hot cakes on y'all's etsy.com store! :)

kristen again: here are some photos from mj's point of view while photo shoot was going on and then a sneak peek of what's to come on etsy. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get these photos up on etsy so you can buy, but with 3 little munchkins running around (well one, laying around)... it takes me a while! So i will be back on here (the blog) to let you know when they are up!! first...a couple of photos by MJ ...
annabelle & molly


and now for the etsy photos! (by shanna)

well.. you get the idea! Please check back for info on these frames being posted. If you already see one you have to have and want more info, then just leave me a comment and we'll arrange it :)
post by kristen & shanna


  1. first of all - i have not fed this cat. it scares me..it's really loud and in your face. I thought cats were supposed to be skittish?! secondly, i did feed the cat on hilltop..she was a sweet one but was a bit of a slut, and that problem was later fixed...but this one scares me.


  2. gah this makes me laugh. so hard. which is strange since as it was happening i thought all sorts of things and none of them were funny. good job Shanna - you are invited back to guest blog any time! we <3 YOU!

  3. dang it - the heart didn't work. oh well, you get the point.


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