August 3, 2009

we did it!!

{knocking on wood all over the house before and after i write this post}

but we did it!! (i think) we have 2 kids potty trained. Yes, believe it..because i barely do. I am going on year 4 of diapers and I have a minimum of 2 more years to go! It's really not that i hate the thought of diapers (like my husband that gags at the mere whiff of a dirty one)... it just went into overload after the birth of number 3. MJ is newly, very newly 2 months ago to be exact, trained all the way. And we just started last week with Molly and have had a great week! We have been doing all kinds of celebrating around here.

i will cut mills some slack and give her some time..but it's just sooo nice to see the light at the end of the nasty tunnel :) I am really in no position to hand out tips as it took me 2 years to train the first...BUT i will list some things i learned. (that the books left out)

1. Don't push your kid to go. I know this sounds logical and easy, but after the first 6 months, pushing them to go is all you can think about. But really, it worked for mj as soon as i backed off and on our training week with molly, when she protested i backed off and let her wear a diaper. The very next day she improved 100% in her acceptance of her new found pottying

2. Let them wear their favorite shoes naked (while training) and remind them that they don't want to tee tee on their favorite shoes.

3. Have someone to call that's going through it (thank you laura leigh!) if you are stuck and don't know what to do..... you just need someone to bounce ideas off of.

4. don't listen to people that claim their kids were trained before they were 2, and they don't know why it's taking you so long! or better yet, slap them and go home, have a glass of wine and start over the next day.

5. have them call everyone they know after they have a big success! (i.e. pooping)

i do realize we have a longer road ahead of us and that tomorrow offers no promise of being accident free and like i said - i'm no expert and i still have another kid to go, but we're all feeling pretty darn good about ourselves around here... toys r us here we come!!!!


  1. congrats!! I like the photo of Molls calling everyone with her good news.


  2. me too Kelley! i am loving the celebratory phone calling and hope it continues! I definitely let out a squeal of joy while on my cell at the pool the other day - about pooping in the potty! only a few people stared ;)


  3. i just started this morning and so far so good!!! no accidents yet, but still no poop. it's going better than i expected so far!! i hope she does as good as molly!!!!!!

  4. a poo-poo party - how fun! ; )


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