August 19, 2009

our family + a little girl named jane

A sweet girl entered the world today - she just happens to be my neice :)

j a n e
l a t t i m o r e
s p a r k s

7 pounds 14 ounces
20 1/2 inches

welcome jane! I can't wait to hold you!!

and... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER KATHRYN! (not the one that birthed jane, but the other one) how fun that you and jane share a birthday!!

post by kristen


  1. i am so excited Jane safely made her way into this crazy, beautiful world! i can't wait to meet her! congratulations - you are going to absolutely LOVE having a niece ;)


  2. and happy birthday to Kathryn! how cool they will share this day.


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