August 14, 2009

lulu red star

a few months ago at Scott's we got off course... and though finding her meant straying from the task at hand, the gem that is lulu redstar made the time lost worth the while.

lulu, herself, was kind enough to share a few (amazing!) photos and answer a few questions.

when did you start this venture?

2002 I bought a sewing machine and started making shoe bags using dressmaker details (MOP buttons, french silk ribbons, vintage bits). I also made small pillows using the same kinds of treatment. THEN it was Yoga Mat bags I made with, again the same treatments, but the bags were made of oilcloth. I was lucky to have a friend who owned a yoga studio and bought from me. I went idle for a few years and in 2006 I became a dealer of vintage stuff, found objects and antiques & vintage quilts. I was making jewelry as an amusement/gift giving. Then, I went to the shows in Texas in Spring 07 and made my first 'Junk Jewelry' for myfriend and I. It took off from there.

have you always been creative?

yes, but it was deeply buried. I used to work on Wall Street and used that part of the brain right out of college.
in what other ways are you creative? I love to decorate my tabletops for dinner parties ( I was made a small scale version of the gravel road on the table; at Christmas I covered the entire table with moss, reindeer, mini pine trees, ). I am a Master Gardener and love to throw stuff out in the beds and see what happens.

what inspires you?

COLOR! Coco Chanel, Doris Day's wardrobe from "PILLOW TALK", my two muses Anne & Randolyn (best friend & sister, respectively) Nature, Moorish architecture....not limited...when I see it grabs me.

what is the process of creating a piece like for you?

I start by seeing one piece and that color usually guides me through pulling pieces out of my treasure troves on my work table (6' long covered in kraft paper; every inch COVERED in stuff and findings! I will start several pieces at once and then percolate on the look. I don't have a finite number as to how long it takes, but usually 3-5 days per piece. Sometimes longer, sometimes very quickly.

how would you describe your personal style?

well-made, trend-less, quirky, not frilly: I prefer box pleats over ruffles; house is very color saturated; antiques and vintage everything except sofas; in clothing I stick to black, white, brown, green and use accessories to give it punch. levis vs designer, Chanel, cowboy boots, flipflops are my official summer shoe.

any current trends you are digging?

Honestly, I think reinventing the old is great IF DONE correctly. Love the color in handbags, and shoes. any you are trying to steer clear of? Jewelry-wise, I am staying away from keys and clockfaces as the main component. There is a lot of competition and knock-offs (locally, among other dealers). Clothing: Please. take back the skinny jeans from the 80s unless you're 6' and all legs. I think Pottery Barn is ruining the antique/vintage market by mass producing look-a-likes and marking them waaay up.

what is the future of lulu redstar?

Honestly,it is a metamorphosis.The official name is lulu redstar enterprises, so I have left myself endless endeavors to put under the old hen house roof. I love making my pieces and selling them. I still love finding old, quirky objects to sell. I have scaled back my business to only doing the Scott's show monthly. I can now concentrate more on expanding my creative boundaries. I actually would love to acquire more skills and venture into more gemstones and 14k-18k gold. some day.

how did you name your business?

my favorite hen, lulu redstar. all white...the perfect broiler/fryer image of a hen.

do you have a favorite piece you have created?

my 'charm bracelet'. I made it as a prototype. I get more compliments on it than anything else. I has a huge medallion that reads 'Associated Steel Workers of America" right next to an old rhinestone ball----cracks me up.

how can we buy (more) of your jewels?!

two ways: Come and see me at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta (South Building, 6511 6522 at the end of rows L7 & L8). Contact me personally and we can collaborate together. I have my domain names but I truly like selling them tete a tete. I also am open to trunk shows but I need 4-6 months in advance to get enough inventory made. It is still a one-woman show.

Thank you so much, sweet LuLu, for a peek into your charmed life! i can't wait to see you at Scott's next month! xx

p.s. i picked up this little bauble and consequently dress up any and every ensemble i put on!! isn't it lovely?!

photos (except for the last three. yours truly is responsible for those) by stash studios (familiar?! such a small (terribly creative) world!)

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  1. OHMYGOD.... been so far off the radar...fell off actually
    You are so wonderful to blog about me! Thank you so much. It is so nice to be noticeD!!!!!
    come and see me in September!
    xoxoxo lulu


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