August 24, 2009

too much love

isn't it so refreshing and delightful to hear a kid speak. it is uninhibited and is simply how they see things. I try to write it all down because i know it won't be long before they will start to monitor their responses and questions and i will crave their innocent comments. Sometimes it's not so great to hear (like how MJ really doesn't like my wardrobe of t-shirt and jeans - she prefers I wear heels and a dress everday). But yesterday, on the way home from church I saw her in the rear view mirror staring at mills and she said "mom, i really like mills" then a pause and a look of concentration "mama. i got too much love for her" it made me smile..

"me too mare, me too"

post by kristen


  1. ok - i'm the idiot who did not leave hearts in that last comment. WHY can i not wrap my head around the fact that that code is not universal for heart-making?! either way, i think you get the point.

    also, you would think since i co-blog this one i could figure out how to remove a comment. but i can't - obviously.



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