August 25, 2009

frames, frames, frames, & a book bin

while we are still slowly getting frames up on etsy, I don't want you to think we aren't still working on getting more out! We've been wrapping up some orders since our show and i was asked to have just 2 of these made.... and had 7 instead, knowing they were going to be cute! .... and so, to take the lazy (and time-restricted) way are all these frames..anyone want to purchase before i put them on etsy? I'll wait to put them up...just for you :) And if you specify in the next 3 days, i will paint the inside trim the color of your choice.

i've also been busy working on molly's "big girl" room! I sent this photo to my cousin to pick which frame she wants and I think i'll use the rest in molly's room. While I try not to take every frame as soon as we make it - molly desperately needs some frames in her room!! So, check back for a friday feature on her soon...

also - i can't wait to put up this fun book bin! I'm so excited about it, it turned out cuter than I thought!

post by kristen


  1. the bookshelf is! please tell me you had the guys build it?!

  2. yes i did arre - thanks for the suggestion!! it is HEAVY now i have to figure out how to hang it.

    meant to mention the frames in the first picture all hold 5x7s and now the 2 on the bottom right side are sold. better jump on it!

  3. update: 3 on the left are the only ones left!!


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