August 7, 2009

have a happy weekend (and week!)

We're loading up and heading to the beach for one last vacation before school starts so I will not be here to blog about babies and poo (don't look so sad) So, just to hold you over, i'll give you you one last kid-filled post. It seems like someone has been playing with my camera i'll give you 1 guess as to who...

group shot before the pony bash 2009


sweetie bell is rockin' it

finally! the princess have wouldn't be the same without cinderella and belle

party on daddy's alarm clock!!!!

woooo pinkie pie is getting WILD

out of control

I couldn't tell you how the party ended (because that was the last picture) kinda reminds me photos from college. only there were no ponies (that i remember).

post by kristen


  1. love it! looks like you are going to have to put a camera on your girl's xmas list! i think you just lost a budding stylist and photographer!


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