March 27, 2009

how cute is


Who doesn't love a little girl's nursery?! A very good friend of ours put these in her cute little girl's nursery and we love that the dots and stripes add to this already adorable area!

posted by Kristen


  1. hey y'all! i've been checking out all your posts tonight - watch out boy she'll chew you up! ha! that's SO molly! all posts have been funny and/or interesting and witty and i've had a good time reading all of them! it's fri night and we just got done with the wine tasting (fun! we missed y'all!) and the other girls went to harvest moon (i was not into going to that scene) and here i am on the internet at 11:30 on fri. night! ha! i bet i've had more fun on the blog than i would've there. i'm loving my "new" den arre!!! the feeling in there tonight was so warm and cozy! thanks again for all your help and for your james bond moves in getting me that drapery pole! thanks for giving AB a shout out! when you get your marketing packets together let me know - my friend meg has a home decor store in nashville and i've told her about y'all... sweet dreams jellybeans!

  2. aw. thanks Shanna! you are too kind! thank you for all of your sweet compliments. i am so thrilled you are loving the den! and most excited that you had so much fun perusing our blog. still sad i missed the wine tasting but glad it was a hit. we will def get on those packs and get one to your friend - can't wait!


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