March 22, 2009

bunnies, breakfast, & braxton hicks?!

This past weekend, i took my girls to see the Easter bunny - as this next baby is due on Easter, i have a feeling that the girls will be a little confused by the thrown together baskets they have. So, not to feel slighted, i took them to a "Bunny Brunch" hosted by the Jr. League of Albany to meet the Easter bunny. The event was so cute and the girls loved it! They sat with the bunny, MJ colored until her perfectionism started to cause some anxiety, while molly was her usual rambunctious self, causing us to have to cut out a bit early (after some disapproving stares from other brunch goers).

But all in all it was a success!! way to go jr. leaguers!! As I returned home, the contractions began - although, a few weeks early, i really thought maybe it's "time". But as the day progressed, I realized it's still going to be a little while. Although I did try some eggplant paremsan last night (with no labor results). We will see, maybe I will actually make it to Easter (that will only be after i have exhausted every single wives tale in the book to get labor going early!)
Happy early Easter!

post by Kristen

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