March 18, 2009

Ray LaMontagne

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I vividly remember the first time I heard Ray LaMontagne (last name pronounced LaMontaine - not LaMon-tahge as I so eloquently left out the 'n' and said it the first time i was telling my brother (who of course already knew about him because he knows everything about music. Well, that and I am behind on everything)). I was visiting my sister in Savannah. We were getting ready (for what, I do not recall, but we were getting ready none the less) and taking our sweet time. Getting ready together is a completely different experience than getting ready separately as when we are two our wardrobes quite literally double. The background, which later became the soundtrack, to all of this was one Ray LaMontagne. I hadn't ever even heard of they guy before but it was love. If memory serves the music was so lovely that our plans turned into wine drinking on her stoop. and it was the best thing.

if anyone would like to offer a tutorial on how to get a video in a blog post i will gladly be your first student ;)

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