March 17, 2009

i *heart* blogs


i had heard of a blog before. i didn't really understand what they were, but i definitely knew they existed. in the Fall of 2007 my friend, erika, announced her plans to launch a blog of her own. "wow," i mused. "your very own blog..." only then realizing how unfamiliar i was with the very essence of what a blog was - much less what a blog was for. upon the creation of 'the blog' i began to orient myself with blogs (largely ones that 'the blog' led me to). eventually my infatuation was so intense it necessitated the need of one google reader account (another entity i had only heard of but had no understanding of much less an understanding for my need of one).

a year and a half later i have realized not only what a blog is but what a blog is to me. as a work from home-r i lack the very poignant element of an office that is co-workers. i miss the interaction. i have realized that bloggers ARE my co-workers. unbeknownst to you, you are my day time colleagues; and, among many things, you are the most polite colleagues one could ask for. you contribute throughout the day, but never interrupt. my lovely assistant, google reader, holds on to each and every one of your messages until i want (or need) a break. and when that time comes i am inundated with the most brilliant exhibit of conversation, inspiraton, beatification and clarification (of any subject from gardening to fashion to current events to interior design to the art world to child rearing). and i love it! and i love you, blogland.
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  1. thanks to you, i am ♥ ing them too!!

  2. might be the sweetest picture i've ever seen. marla rocks... alot.


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