March 3, 2009

lurker no more

photo credit unknown - so sorry! what a first impression, huh?

for over a year now, i have been on the outskirts of quite an extensive community. quietly observing. admiring from afar. stalking? luckily the community is public. the public calls the community the blogosphere. or at least wikipedia does. i think bloggers call what i've been doing lurking. well friends (is there a way to strike out words? i think it may be a bit too soon to call you friends - from your point of view anyway), i'm reformed. quiet is not an adjective usually used to describe me and not one i'm particularly comfortable personifying. but as far as blogs went, i kept thinking i didn't have anything to share - it's yet to be determined whether or not i was wrong. last week (uummm, make that 'year') my business partner suggested we we start a newsletter for our small business. before she could articulate why, i was already picturing our blog! i'm sure she has her reasons but for me, THIS is why: to participate as an active member of a community i have for so long loved! here i am world! ... er, here WE are.

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