March 12, 2009

short story long (i am really good at these)

a few weeks (ok, maybe it was days) before Christmas i was wandering around (the internet) in search of a few (last minute - are there any other kind?) gifts. thanks to joanna i stumbled upon these beauties! whew! i didn't even have to wait for delivery and they were so kind as to even suggest paper. AND it (the paper) happened to come from an office supply store that was mere minutes from my house. needless to say, this was not an experience that will motivate me to get on my Christmas shopping any earlier in '09.

these guys only continue to get cooler. the more i learn about them, the more intrigued i am with them. they live in Paris. and that's just the beginning.

a few days ago i was, once again, led to little brown pen. only this time it was their BLOG!

and in case i didn't already love these guys enough - this was the image on that day's post. *sigh*

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