March 5, 2009

She was born with glitter shoes on….

Or at least she should have been - then I would have known what I was in for!! I’m speaking of my 3 year old. I was trying to think of ways to make our work space pictures more interesting and mistakingly(?) thought out loud around my 3 yr old… she jumped in with the idea of her being in the pics too!! I thought – why not? Plus, I love a chance to talk about her. First some background about me – I’m not into clothes, makeup, or really anything that’s particularly “girlie”, so I have no idea where this child could even come from. She is so grown up – loves sparkles, glitter, makeup, rainbows, fairies, she IS a princess, prances when she runs, subconsciously crosses her legs when she sits, wants to name my unborn child “sparkle princess rainbow darling” and call her "ballerina" for short. I don’t know where she came from, but she is a ball of sunshine, and brightens my day without fail. She may not be like me in any way, in fact, sometimes I think she’s all the good parts I was missing. Anyway, enough about her (although she would tell me to keep going). Here are some pics of my sparkling 3 year old (oh, and our work space that happens to be in my basement)

And finally, I let her take some pictures of me..granted, I deleted the ones where she made me "dance like a ballerina". We compromised on getting a shot where I was sitting instead.

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