March 10, 2009

watch out boy she'll chew you up....

I'm speaking of my soon to be middle child! I have to post a couple of pictures of her, to not only be fair (see post about MJ below) but because she's just so, well, hilarious and adorable! She is the complete opposite of her flashy sis and i love every bit of it! She makes no bones about how she's feeling, is a tough kid, but so sweet at the same time. She gives you looks that will terrify you one minute (see below) but then melt your heart the next. Molly is agreeable, loving, strong (she can drink 1 gallon of milk in a single day). She calls her milk "money" because, yes, it really is that good! She really doesn't get that her world is about to be turned upside down with the addition of a new sibling, but i have a feeling that she will be able to roll with it...because that's what she does. Here are some pictures below..and watch out, she'll chew you up but give you a big slobbery kiss right after it.

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