March 4, 2009

Girl Looks Good!

photo credit of * k. fuller

the following was posted in response to my request for a photo of Barbie: *(ok - first stop laughing. now, delete if you think this is the ugliest doll you have ever seen - it was the first one i could find and i'm not even 100% sure that it is a "barbie" i think it is though - it's well loved?!!! at least she isn't naked!)

I remember learning that my mother had Barbie dolls when she was a kid. I thought Barbie must be ANCIENT if my MOM had had one. She was 25. Barbie turns 50 this month. Before Carrie Bradshaw, before subscriptions to Vogue, W AND Elle, hell, before discovering that dress-up was even an option, it was Barbie (even if Courtney did know that Jem was cooler ;) ). Be girlie in celebration!

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