July 3, 2009

a work(ing) meeting

though we usually meet here, last week's work required us to be more hands on as we do have a show right around the corner

meetings where we actually work - i meant to say where we do this sort of work, we work at all of them - right Kristen ;) are far from glamourous. these require us to sweat and make messes - some more disasatorous than others... last week i made the mistake of wearing clothes i actually like and had to flee the scene once to wash paint out of a beloved top (full disclosure, it was a gray t-shirt - but i loooove it).

but that was nothing

as i mixed this paint in search of something different, Kristen commented that it looked like a Strawberry milkshake. It didn't help that I was mixing in a red solo cup... or that it was a million degrees outside. or that we love to eat (or i guess you drink milkshakes. easy enough, we love to drink too).

A while later we were wrapping things up and with our hands loaded, we made our exit. We're talking and walking and so ready to be done. As we jabber along I look over just in time to see Kristen take a swig NOT of her bottle of water (that she was also carrying) but of the PINK PAINT (shown above) I had insisted on keeping since I mixed it and only used a little bit! I a rabid "saver" (as Kristen has alluded to...). I was trying desperatey to make sure she was okay - especially since the whole episode was really my fault - but it was too hysterical to act very concerned.

post by arre

photos by kristen (who does have a good camera and knows how to take decent pictures)


  1. okay..that is funny...as long as Kristen is not in any way tainted..or painted by this little episode. lulu

  2. i can't quit laughing! not at my idiotic move of drinking paint..but, according to you, that my mistake was due to the fact that we love to eat (and drink) haaaaa! I know i have seen this post before when i added pics for you but i guess i just never really read it through. the whole incident is just as funny (if not more so) reading about it...hilarious!



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