May 18, 2009

where it all happens

Ever wonder where Arre and I come up with all of our great frame designs, ideas, and gather show/store info?! No?!! Well, i'm going to tell you anyway. Stop by Starbucks on any given Wednesday and chances (and your chances are good because we are there for at least 3 hours) are you will run into us. Sometimes we have paper (usually just a napkin), a pen, ideas that have gathered for the past week or two, and most recently - Mills. While she doesn't have much to offer just yet, she is fun to have along (for Arre mostly).

Just to give you a snapshot into our meetings, this is how a typical conversation goes...

k: ok - so what dates work for the show for you? a: umm... june is kinda busy look at Mills, she opened her eyes... i think that means she wants me to hold her (picks her up and conversation goes on and on about who she looks like, how she's sleeping, etc.) k: ok back to frames.... how many 4x6 do we need, oh that reminds me do y'all want to go eat Friday night..we have a sitter. a: yes... let's go (wherever).. I am going to email (someone) about this store that I think will be interested in our frames in (somewhere) k: great! and the meeting continues like this for hours...

it is fun (and usually productive) to have your sister-in-law meet you at starbucks on a wednesday morning :)
post by kristen


  1. ha! i am laughing OUT LOUD! for someone who ordinarily fails to take in details (at all) you are right on in this account of our oh-so-productive meetings! i love them!

  2. whew! i thought if you were posting a comment it was going to kill me for putting a picture of you up... glad you thought it was funny AND precise :)

  3. i'm still considering it (killing you, that is) but trying to work on my vanity right now. this helps.


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