June 25, 2009

perfectly imperfect!

so here it is...

i did it! But, not without a few mess ups. One thing I must say is, WTF was I thinking?! No way I'm doing this for MJ's friends for her birthday. this is some serious work. Cupcakes will do just fine for 4 year olds. Secondly, what was I thinking when i posted a recipe on the icing? Apparently, having a 3rd child eliminates your ability to think/do things clearly. The consistency of the icing was one of my mistakes from Tuesday's petit four disaster and still did not get it perfect this time around, so please ignore that. If you are going to attempt these, just stick with white icing on white cake. Much prettier. Mary James was not a big fan of all the white, so we did some pink sprinkles.

One thing I did try (not sure whether I am recommending it or just putting it out there) was to flip the cake upside down (so what was to be the top of the petit fours, was smoother). The cake immediately fell apart but I was able to salvage maybe half of it?! I mixed a ton of icing and iced only 7 petit fours. Granted, they were oddly huge petit fours, but still...only 7. At least I can say I tried and semi-succeeded.

The lucky seven - Oh, and in case you were wondering, my mom let me borrow her cooling racks.

They are definitely doable. Just DO them when you have time, own a cooling rack (which i am pretty sure I'm the only one on earth that does not), and are not arre (she would have flipped her lid over the amount of icing wasted, among other things that this recipe entailed). And I never posted the entire recipe or directions because Darby has them so clearly stated and you want yours to look like hers.


  1. those look pretty good! you really are out of your mind though trying to make petit fors with 3 kids running around! Just go pick some up at Publix ;). Kelley

  2. these look very yummy!!!!!!! great job this time around!

  3. thank you thank you erika :) and i knowwww kelley - but that wasn't the point. but yes, i'll probably just pick some up at publix next time. now that i know what i know :)

  4. Hey Kristen!
    I think I got at link to this blog from Shanna in an email. Loved reading it! The petit fors look yummy!

    christy ward

  5. you were brave to try! your so good about having all the girls parties looks so cute. you're good at it! i dig the pink hearts made of sprinkles!

  6. kristen, i'm sure you've thought of this so sorry if so, but have you thought of making mini-cupcakes? you don't even have to have a mini-muffin tin. you can buy foil mini-cupcake things that stand on their own. What are those things called? Muffin-tin liners? Anyway, since these have a layer of the liner and foil they stand and bake on their own.


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