June 22, 2009


Last Thursday work took me on (what should be a monthly) buying trip (for the store) to Scott's Atltanta show. Like a total idiot, I forgot my camera (but that wasn't the worst part of the day) but I did photograph what purchases we came back with. Sadly, the greatest treasures were not among them. Next time I will try really hard to photograph what is there to share a greater breadth of makes Scott's Scott's.

this wonderfully decrepit clock face is literally almost as tall as me. can't wait to see where it makes its next home!

these great old jars did not photograph well. they have wonderfully wavy glass and a good aqua color. oh well.

i never tire of antique wine jugs. especially not when they tower over all the rest.

this will become a lamp

again with the wine jugs

had to get a close up to show how perfect the paint is flaking off of this

this lovely (and very tall) iron lamp might be my favorite purchase from this month. had it been one of a pair i might would had to have them for my own.

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  1. fun finds! i want those glass jars. i think it's funny that not having your camera can even compare to the worst part of your day :)



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