June 17, 2009

the best cookies e.v.e.r.

and I mean that. They really are the best cookies ever (well, to me at least). I have had some requests for the recipe and I never really get around to typing it out so here it is for the world to see.....

Carol's Chocolate Chip Cookies (carol is a family friend and the rest is self explanatory)
2 C all purpose flour
1 C sugar
1 C brown sugar
1/2 t baking soda
1 t baking powder
2 t vanilla
1/2 C butter, melted
1/2 C Wesson oil
2 eggs
2 C oatmeal
1 large package chocolate chips

I made this particular batch for a friend who just had a baby boy (Jett) who I can NOT wait to meet this afternoon!! I'll give you a few tips.... (first i must say, i am no baker/cook or anything of the sort...so these tips are for those of you that are on my (low) level of cooking)

First, gather all your children to help because this is an easy one for kids. Today, Mills wasn't napping (so i strapped her on to be hands free) and Mary James was awake too.

Second, gather all your ingredients (eggs are missing from this picture)
Next, mix all the dry ingredients together, then liquid...

Then, combine the two. Use an ice cream scoop (preferably with a handle thingy that lets you slide the cookie dough off). I pack the cookie dough in pretty good before putting it on the pan. A smaller ice cream scoop is better (makes normal size cookies), but all I have is this large one and it works too (just takes cookies longer to cook).

Please ignore the old pan.. i know, i desperately need new ones.

Here they are! Mine really were so big, I ended up pressing them a little flatter with a spatula, halfway through cooking.

While cookies were cooking (at 350 for these, it took 17 minutes, but when i used to make them with my mom, they only took 10 minutes...i'm guessing it's the size of the scoop that makes the difference) Mills finally got sleepy, so I put her down for a nap and took the opportunity to get started on MJ's birthday invitations.

While, I don't claim to be a great cook, neither do I claime to be crafty. I do think these are a cute idea...but still, they need help so any suggestions are welcome!

So what do you think it needs... glitter, hearts (mary james says so), pink trim? Please tell me what you think!

About the time i finished... cookies were done, mills & molly woke up and all hell broke loose. But it was fun to get some things done for a change! Here are the finished cookies.... YUM

post by kristen


  1. yum! those cookies look good! the invites are cute! maybe some of those pom-pom ball ribbons would add a little pizazz. or a cute tea cup stamp... bet they have one at hobby lobby...stamped in glitter ink? do they make that? i don't know. just trying to help. you are arre are the ones than can do all the cute party stuff i really don't know why i'm trying to put my 2 cents worth in...

  2. good idea shanna! no..that helps! surely they make glitter ink..I am planning a trip to hobby lobby soon!

  3. i cannot believe i had not ever had one of those cookies until yesterday - and that it took reading about them on here to even know of your cooking baking talent! they are delish! i might have to ride out there to have another today ;)

    and the invites are looking adorable! MJ did ask me to help you with them so i'll be thinking of how we can Mary-James-ify them!


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