June 5, 2009

pink wood

A few months ago, Matt (Arre's husband) mentioned that he found some wood that would be great for our frames! We were excited and couldn't wait to see it. So, he took us out to a pile of get this....pink. wood. Our first thoughts were..ok, this can work, for a nursery maybe? But the pink was just a bit off....not that baby pink we would have hoped for. Still, it had potential and there was lots of it, so we gave it a go. And this is what we came up with...

Cute, but still just a bit off in color.... i added it to Mills's nursery and it looks adorable paired with the other frames. But we waited and waited, while frames all around our pink ones disappeared...they did NOT. No one wanted them!! Soo... I got out the paint, a brush and let Mary James pick the paints (i only gave her colors to choose from that i wanted to use) and we went to town! After she accepted that there was no rainbow or pink paint to choose from, she was beyond thrilled. Everytime we're working on frames she begs us to let her paint and we usually find some scrap cardboard around and that's the best we can do for her.
After all, these frames can't be painted by an (almost) 4 year old if we plan on trying to sell them. But today, i was thinking.... this is a test, who knows how they will turn out so I let her have at it. And she did an amazingly good job. I helped touch up.. but her little type-A mind (and hands) went to work and here are our fun results!

It's hard to tell in the picture, but my favorite one is the middle.. it's really really light blue paint over the pink..and if you look closely (in person), you can see just enough pink through. it's precious if i do say so myself.
We aren't selling these (because of the practice painting) but if you'd like one similar, I'm sure MJ will be happy to fill your order :) And next time - arre will paint..she's better at it :)

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  1. first of all - i think Matt is color blind, let's hope! And this is too precious that she painted the frames! they look really good! i used three of them at the house and love them!


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