April 25, 2009

it just comes naturallyyyy, aw, the girl can't help it!

i'm not usually the one with kid stories - not on here anyway - because... i'm not the one with the kids. this is a good one though. Saturday Mary James and I went to run a few errands together (Kristen, it was only only MJ because i thought it was naptime for Mols). she always cracks me up. she really is one of the funniest people (of any age) i know. her stories are totally funny enough to stand alone - this one is no exception, but a bit of background only enhances it: her dad and his brother (my husband) are quite the salesmen. it has been said that as children they would have their sweet grandmother grow corn and onions and whatever is grows in normal backyards for them to sell to neighbors. those same brothers grew up to be roommates who would - and this is not rumored, i saw it happen (more than once) - sell any and everything right out of their house. when Matt and i were first dating i can vividly recall being at their house one evening and thinking i was quite certain there had previously been a mirror hanging in the dining room. there had been. but a friend liked it. so they sold it to her. ok, so now that you know a bit about this kid's genes humor me by continuing to read until i can actually get to the point. Saturday, on our date, Mary James was explaing to me why she had on (5 sizes too big) new shoes. it was because she got tired of her sister wearing her's all of the time. after the story i told her how kind it was for her to give Molly her old shoes and as i was driving the point home (can you imagine) she interrupted me to say "no arre, i didn't give her the shoes. i sold them to her." but of course!

post by arre


  1. oh my gosh.
    that's stinkin' hilarious!
    i love it!!!!!!!!!!
    apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

  2. ha! she has also been known to sell her best friend a birthday present for "5 monies"! And Arre- yes it was definitely molly's naptime i just lacked the energy to get her to bed on time that day!! mj had fun with you as always!!


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