April 28, 2009

{double} the fun!

SJP and Matthew Broderick are growing their family in a very ... pink (!) way! People.com reports that Parker and her longtime love, and husband, i know, Broderick will be giving adorable 6-year-old son James Wilkie a double dose of baby sisters this Summer with the impending arrival of twins. Don't worry SATC movie fanatics, this will in no way impact filming as the babies are being carried (no pun intended) by a surrogate! I was a bit shocked honestly (like it matters what i thought or felt - at all), but am thrilled. I always wanted Sarah Jessica to have a daughter - or two! she's just too girlie not to!

on that note - my precious friend Karyn learned today that she too will be welcoming twins later this year! of all the babies being born amongst our friends, she is the first to be blessed with multiples and i cannot calm down about it. i could not be more excited (and they COULD be born on my birthday - aaaaaah! that would make it even. better.)

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  1. Awww thanks :) I am just reading this. New to your fab blog. i do hope they are born on your b-day!!! forgive me for not knowing it. so bad at birthdays...


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