April 14, 2009


while in Atlanta last week I stumbled upon madewell. i was familiar with the name but didn't remember the style. being lauded as J.Crew's hipper, (younger?) sister (they are actually related), madewell gets mixed reviews - including from me. online shopping is not available and the website is really disappointing (what is shown there makes me think i am wrong for loving them, which is why there this post lacks an image). my mind's eye is keen though and if i do recall ... they had some great shoes, cute casual clothes and cool scarves (yes, even for Summer. this coming from someone who was taunted for wearing a (fabulous, if i do say so myself) bright yellow linen scarf out one breezy night at the beach last Summer). trust me here, get to an actual store before you judge.

post by arre


  1. yes, i recently heard of madewell from some of my ATL friends ( i have to have a little get-together with my big-city gals every so often to keep up on what's in. i'm not good at it and they always seem to be talking about all kinds of new things that i know nothing about. i get educated) and had forgotten until now. bummer that there's no website b/c i *heart* j.crew but i *hate* how expensive they've gotten. guess i'll have to go to hotlanta to check out madewell. wonder if the clothing lives up to it's name...

  2. there is a web site Shanna (click the work madewell the first time it appears in the original post. if you missed that i am afraid you are missing a lot that appears in these blogs...) - just not online shopping.

  3. hey! no, i saw that and did click on it, but you said in your post that the website really didn't do it justice and that you couldn't shop online anyway so it seems as if i will have to check it out in person to get the full effect and to purchase.


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